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  • - Magazine scan updates in the "Daily Download" area, "The Vine Fanzine" - Issue 01/1994

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  • - New Featured Audio tracks: Angel Fire, Saving Grace, Like You Used To

  • - New Audio content: Fergal's Interview, Modern Rock Live 99 & 96

  • 1998 Note From Fergal's Archives:

    A Subnote: Welcome to our own "official" web site! To be honest, none of us (the band) are into computers very much, as we have always had a bit of "technophobia", but I learned of the Internet recently(!) through some friends who are online(?), and they gave me a guided tour. I explained a bit about it to Dolores, Noel and Mike, and we decided to set up a page of our own, and I've gotten lumped with the job of being spokesperson! (for now anyway).So, all I ask, is that you bear with us, we are new to this game; but we will try to make it as interesting as possible , and to update you with new information as soon as we get it. -Fergal

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